7th Food & Pack Tech Expo

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Today, India ranks second worldwide in farm output. Agriculture and allied sector accounted for 16%6 of the GDP in 207, employed 52% of the total workforce and despite a steady decline of its share in the GDP, is still the largest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic development of India. But India loses about 35-40% of the produce due to improper post harvest management.

Unprocessed foods are susceptible to spoilage by biochemical processes, microbial attack and infestation. The right post harvest practices such as good processing techniques, and proper packaging, transportation and storage (of even processed foods) can play a significant role in reducing spoilage and extending shelf life.

This Expo will be a perfect platform for all the departments, Institutes, Corporate related to food processing, sector to display their achievements & activities. Quality Certification Agencies with such a vision we are working to integrate the industry & encourage agriculture and allied sectors to bring under one roof to showcase their technology and achievements to target consumers. We generate healthy competition in the producers to give momentum to the industry in a transparent manner. we are committed to spread industry based knowledge through various media tools like print media, electronics media, social media, interactions, agents abroad, visiting conferences and meetings, barters etc.

  • To promote Indian Industries Technology and Skill Development through Media & Events. Bharti Media provide a platform for – showcasing their products, services and schemes.
  • Launch the new products.
  • Creating new business ventures and investment opportunities.
  • A platform for introducing new technologies.
  • India is the world’s second largest producer of food next to china, and has the potential of being the biggest with the food and agricultural sector. The total food production in India is likely to double in the next ten years and there is an opportunity for large investments in food and food processing technologies, skills and equipment, especially in areas of Canning, and Food Processing, Specialty Processing, Packaging, Frozen Food/ Refrigeration and Thermo Processing.

India’s food processing sector covers fruit and vegetables, alcoholic beverages, fisheries plantation, grain processing and other consumer product groups like confectionery, chocolates and cocoa products, Soya-based products, mineral water, high protein foods etc.

We cover an exhaustive database of an array of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters and importers related to the food, poultry and beverage industries as well as in the field of dairy processing.

6th Food & Pack Tech Expo 2018, provides a platform to the following industries to introduce their products and services to the participants.

Food Industry : Food processing, Agro processing, Horticulture Processing & Packaging Machinery, Food Quality & Safety, Food Bio-technology, Food Ingredients, Food Products, Cold Chain & Warehousing Technology etc.

Exhibitors Profile
  • Food Processing Machinery & Equipments
  • Food Packaging Machinery, Material & Equipments
  • Food Retailing Supplies
  • Bar code / Ink Coding Technology
  • Finance Companies / Banks
  • Quality Certification Agencies
  • Organic Food Products
  • Food Testing Lab & Equipment
  • Post Harvest Technology
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging Technology & Services
  • Automation
  • Grading & Sorting Machinery
  • Hotel & Kitchen Equipments
  • Grain Milling Technology
  • Dairy, Bakery Product & Technology
  • Wrapping, Sealing & Lamination Equipment
  • R & D Organisation
  • Cold room & Refrigeration Appliances
  • Perishable and food Cargo Handling
  • Digital Temperature Controller & Data Logger
  • Herbal foods products
  • Refrigerated Van & Trucks / Body Builders
  • Cold Chain Equipment for Perishable Produces
Visitors Profile
  • Industry Executives
  • Center and State Government officials
  • Foreign delegates and investors
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Trades
  • Buyers
  • Exporters
  • Food Consumers
  • Farmers
  • Gram Panchayets
  • Students
  • Scientist
  • Consultants